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An Proposal to Create an 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This Amendment proposes that an Electronic Vote and Voter be nedlucid in Legislative Functions of Congress. To Reserve the Right to Propose Laws to the House of Representatives; the ability to vote and to pass legislation in the House and Senate.Amendment 28 Establishment of Electronic Representative in the House and Senatea) There shall be established an Public Electronic Vote of One Vote Per State in the Senate, This will be a 1 to 2 ratio of 1 Electronic vote to 2 Elected Representative vote in the Senate. There shall be established an Public Electronic Vote in the House to be an 1 to 2 ratio of 1 Electronic vote to 2 Elected Representative vote in the House of Representatives. These ratios of votes shall be consistent and not subject to change.b) An Senate Electronic Vote shall be collected from each state, to represent that Senate Electronic Vote; a single Senate Electronic Vote shall be cast per majority vote of registered voters of that State; for that respective legislative function.c) An House Electronic Vote shall be collected from each state by the 1to 2 ratio of Electronic Vote to Elected House Representatives of that State. Each State will have a 1 to 2 ratio of Electronic votes to the Total Elected Representatives of that State. Electronics Vote shall be cast by popular Electronic Vote in accordance and keeping of 1 to 2 Total Elected Representatives of that State per district; for that respective legislative function.d) The House of Representatives Electronic Vote shall reserve the right to propose legislative law per majority vote of the Total Electronic Votes in respective House or Senate, or legislative changes to the proposed legislative law, in either the House or the Senate.e) A required majority of Votes Consisting of the Electronic and Elected Representatives of the House shall be required to pass forth legislative law. A required majority of Votes Consisting of the E



Yup, you almost feel sorry for Ol' Boehner I think this shows eveyorne again how good Pelosi was and, I hate to give the devil his due, but Hoyer, too.I bet soon-to-be former Speaker Boehner wishes he had old d-CON, now con, Tom Delay getting them little dawgies in line with his cattle prod.The House is apparently going to try again today. Maybe Reid will try to get his bill through the Senate today.Though it all looks like Kabuki to me. The Senate probably won't pass the House's bill, and the House probably won't pass the Senate one. Though desperation may make some strange bedfellows. Both bills suck but Boehners sucks worse.Well Wall Street, how it lookin' for ya now that it looks like the freaks you paid to see in the Freak Show are now the ringmasters in this 3-Ring Circus?If people think jumping off a high cliff and taking others with them won't hurt them, you can't stop them from jumping. It's just too bad that at the bottom of the cliff, they can't be forced to clean up the mess that they created.Mr. President, we all know you want to be loved and admired for your bipartisanship, but a bunch of stone-cold killers are holding America hostage and you have a bullet that may stop them the 14th before the 2nd.I know you hope that cooler heads will prevail before then. Ok, let's wait.But you'd better be prepared to use that bullet before 11:59pm on the 1st. People won't think kindly of you if they think you may have had a way to stop the stone-cold killers, but decided to let them kill the hostages.



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